The Shire of Gnowangerup Animals, Environment & Nuisance Local Law was gazetted in 2016. Section 3.6 reads:

 “The owner or occupier of a lot shall not—

(a) store, or allow to remain in public view on any lot, more than 1 vehicle, vessel or machinery (whether licensed or not) in a state of disrepair;
(b) store, or allow to remain in public view on any lot, any vehicle, vessel or machinery in a state of disrepair for a period in excess of 1 month;
(c) store, or allow to remain in public view on any lot, any vehicle parts, vessel parts or machinery parts (including tyres);

(d) wreck, dismantle or break up any vehicle, part or body of a vehicle, vessel or machinery except where performed—

(i) inside a building; or

(ii) within an area enclosed by a fence or wall of not less than 1.8 metres in height and of such a nature as to screen all vehicles, parts or bodies of vehicles, vessels or machinery from the thoroughfare and from adjoining properties; or

(e) wreck, dismantle or break up a vehicle, vessel or machinery so as to cause a nuisance.”

Residents and tenants of properties in our town sites are advised that the Shire Ranger will be identifying properties which are found to be in breach of this local law and taking appropriate action.

Community members want our towns to be tidy, a view shared by Council. So, if you have an old vehicle wreck, tyres or parts on your property, please remove them immediately.