At its December Meeting, Council adopted the 2015/2016 Annual Report, including the Annual Financial Report (AFR). Unlike previous years, the Annual Report was prepared internally by Shire officers. The AFR was audited by AMD Chartered Accountants who were very happy with the state of the Shire’s finances and how they are being managed.

The Annual Report will be presented at the Annual Electors Meeting which will be held at the Borden Pavilion on 10th February 2017, commencing at 7pm. I encourage you to make the effort to come along and find out a little about the Shire’s activities in 2015/2016.

The Shire has been progressing the creation and sale of a portion of Lot 556 Yougenup Road, Gnowangerup (next to the new Ratten & Slater premises). To enable the lot to be created by the Department of Lands, the Shire was required to select a name for the new access road into the lot. To ensure the process was not delayed, a temporary name – “Enterprise Close” – was chosen. Expressions of interest, in the meantime, have been called for to select a more appropriate permanent name.

Council also resolved to dedicate land as a Road to support Main Roads WA’s project to re-align the Albany Lake Grace Rd (Chester Pass Rd) at Amelup. There have been a number of crashes on this section due to poor road geometry coupled with the existing narrow seal and formation widths. There are two floodways within this section which close the road during storm events causing significant disruption to the area’s transport needs.

The project comprises the reconstruction, widening and realignment of 4.5km of road formation with some realignment of substandard geometry to achieve current standards and increase the reduced speed limit through this section of the road. The project also includes the construction of two bridges to eliminate road closures due to rainfall events that occur on this section of the road.

These works will provide a section of road network with an improved alignment with suitable seal and shoulder widths to accommodate expanding traffic requirements to meet current expectations whilst providing added safety benefits to the community and industry.


The sealing of the remaining 5.8km of Salt River Road was completed in December. The Shire works crew was assisted by the Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup who provided two eight wheel trucks and trailers with operators. This is a good example of the resource sharing between shires which is occurring more regularly within the industry.


The WANDRRA-funded flood damage repair work to Shire roads began again on 7th November after delays due to wet weather conditions in the late winter months. Gravel re-sheeting in the north west section of the Shire is now complete and work has begun in the north east section. Drainage and culvert repairs have been predominantly in the south east section of the Shire. The contractors are making good progress and it is anticipated that the work should be completed by April 2017.


Last but not least we have the annual Australia Day Breakfast to be held at the Gnowangerup Swimming Pool on Thursday 26th January 2017. Free Entry & Swimming! Aussie breakfast & Live Entertainment provided! We look forward to seeing you and your family come down and enjoy the fun.