Helping Communities Rebuild after a Natural Disaster

BlazeAid works with families and individuals who are in genuine need of volunteer assistance. This includes those affected who are not insured or are under-insured for the cost of rebuilding their fences, or where their personal, physical or financial circumstances are such that they are in genuine need of BlazeAid’s assistance.

BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organization. We assist rural families and individuals to help clear, repair or replace fences that have been lost as a result of natural disasters such as bushfires, floods or cyclones. Where there is enough need in a community, we establish a basecamp (in conjunction with local shires and/or community groups) where volunteers live in their caravans, motorhomes, etc, or in other suitable accommodation.

In order for them to set up a basecamp in our area, there needs to be a significant distance of fencing to be rebuilt, and enough affected individuals and families who are willing to work with the volunteers (usually 20 or more properties, or fewer properties with large distances).

For more information about BlazeAid have a look on their website

The Shire is trying to organize a BlazeAid team to come and assist farmers or families in our community that could use some assistance. If you think you could use some assistance from BlazeAid or would like further information, please contact Kirsty at the Shire Office on 9827 1007 or