Hills' author and publisher, Linda Bettenay, was a star performer when she entertained folks at the Gnowangerup Library with an informative and passionate talk on the 8th of June. The event was 'a resounding success' and Bettenay's topic found great resonance with this group of enthusiastic and involved attendees - many of whom are avid readers.

Bettenay introduced her third book, 'The Apple Core Wars', a tale based on the astounding war experiences of Charlie Parkin, one of seven brothers to serve during WW2. Charlie’s boyhood enemy is Jacky Bellamy from nearby Karragullen. Their rivalry and childhood dislike, morph into mateship as they become POWs and face unspeakable ordeals. By the end of the war, Jackie and Charlie had found that they had more in common than divides them.

'Wishes for Starlight', Linda's second novel, is based on real characters, with names being changed to protect the not-so-innocent. It’s the story of a young deaf-mute Aboriginal boy who grew up in a time when our indigenous fellow-Australians were treated as though they were second-class citizens. Starlight’s story is full of intrigue, injustice, unlikely friendships and a degree of hope.

The group was also entranced by the unbelievable true story behind Linda's first book 'Secrets Mothers Keep' which occurred in Wubin and Dalwallinu. Linda revealed how her husband Mike only recently discovered that his grandfather had been murdered and grandmother, mother and two aunts had been savagely assaulted and so unearthed a carefully kept secret that had existed in the family for over 85 years. She also explained how she had researched the story, discovering strange links across the globe which assisted her to develop a complex set of extraordinary characters and bring this pioneering yarn to life.

All of Linda's books contain a lot more fact than fiction, which certainly give them an edge on mere fictional characters and events.

'I was impressed with the delightful welcome. Special thanks to organisers Olivia Letter and Jo Davies and to all who attended for their welcome and enthusiastic participation. Sharing the joy behind my books and my author journey is a fulfilling experience,’ Bettenay said.

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Linda Betteny and CEO Shelley Pike