Ref: TPS/1680


It is hereby notified for public information, in accordance with section 87 of the Planning and Development Act 2005 that the Minister for Planning approved the Shire of Gnowangerup Local Planning Scheme amendment on 10 May 2017 for the purpose of:


  1. Rezoning Lot 3587 on Deposited Plan 121836 Gnowangerup-Tambellup Road and Lot 3913 on Deposited Plan 121838 Jordan Street, Pallinup from 'General Agriculture' to 'Rural Residential'.
  2. Inserting Rural Residential Area No. 3 (RR3) into Schedule 11 – Rural Residential Zone Provisions and adding the following Special Conditions and Provisions:


Map Reference No.

Property Description

Special Conditions and Provisions


Lot 3587 Gnowangerup-Tambellup Road and Lot 3913 Jordan Street, Pallinup

1.       Subdivision

a)      Subdivision shall generally be in accordance with the Structure Plan endorsed by the local government and the Western Australian Planning Commission.

b)      The minimum lot size shall be 4000m².

c)       The local government may recommend that the Western Australian Planning Commission approve minor variations to the Structure Plan.

  1. Development and Land Use

Development in Rural Residential Zone Area No. 3 shall be generally in accordance with the endorsed Structure Plan and shall be subject to Scheme provisions including clause 5.10 Rural Residential Zone and Table 1 - Zoning Table relating to the Rural Residential Zone.

3.       Building Envelopes

a)     Any building must be contained within an indicative building envelope as identified on the Structure Plan.

b)     Notwithstanding special condition 3a, the local government may permit a variation to the building envelope if it is shown to the satisfaction of the local government that the proposed location of the building envelope will not be detrimental to the landscape or the environment.

c)      No buildings are permitted within the Building Exclusion Area as identified on the Structure Plan.

4.       Tree Planting

At the time of subdivision, the local government may request that the Commission impose a condition requiring that the subdivider plant and maintain, for a period of at least 2 years, trees and shrubs of a species and density of planting to local government specifications within the area identified as 'Revegetation' on the Structure Plan.

5.       Servicing Requirements

a)      All lots are to be connected to reticulated water.

b)      No dwelling shall be constructed or approved for construction unless an approved on-site method of effluent disposal has been incorporated into the approved plans, and no dwelling shall be considered fit for human habitation unless such method of effluent disposal has been installed and is operating.

6.       Bush Fire Management

At subdivision stage, a Bush Fire Management Plan shall be prepared and implemented to the satisfaction of the local government and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

7.       Purchaser Notification

a)      At subdivision stage, a notification shall be placed on each certificate of title of all new lots created, advising landowners of the close proximity of rural land uses and the potential impact on amenity.

b)      The subdivider shall undertake measures to the satisfaction of the local government to ensure that prospective purchasers are advised in writing of the special conditions and provisions relating to the subdivision including the Bush Fire Management Plan and the standard of services.


  1. Modifying Structure Plan Area No. 1 in Schedule 12 - Structure Plan Areas through deleting 3588, 3913 from Description of Land Area.
  2. Removing 'SPA1' from Lots 3587 and 3913 on Scheme Map.
  3. Amending the Scheme Map accordingly.


Keith House                                                                                           Shelley Pike

SHIRE PRESIDENT                                                                                CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER